Arts workshops in North Yorkshire Libraries


 What do you get when you combine 2 amazing and dedicated artists,  4 year groups from a local school, a  group of veterans from a local supported housing scheme,  several members of a veterans’ art group,  assorted members of the public, and a fantastic library space?

See below for the answers! 

Irene Lofthouse, creative writer, and Sue Dewhurst, mixed media artist, worked together  with everyone involved to create icons, stories, mini-books and matchboxes of intrigue  all celebrating special people/pets in the lives of the participants,  or the lives of the participants themselves.

The results and the  process were pretty amazing.  Some made the whole journey, from planning to creating and exhibiting, others joined in at different stages, some at the library,  some on more familiar home ground.  Irene and Sue responded to all these differing needs with patience, skill and humour.   We all loved the buzz and colour that enhanced the library during the workshops and exhibition and look forward to the next stage of our Creative Residencies programme.

Gaynor Hemming


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