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Music, a Ukulele Band and a Recipe for Fun

Just as a new series of the Great British Bake Off is starting on the TV Pickering Library has been coming up with an original recipe all of it’s very own

  • Take one Songwriter,
  • Add one Ukulele Orchestra
  • Add a pinch of Sight Support Ryedale
  • Pour a dash of the Wilf Ward Trust Ryedale
  • Add  a sprinkling of a fantastic venue
  • Dust with a music Producer

and you have a recipe for magic that is exactly what happened as part of the Creative Residences project at Pickering Library. The Wilf Ward Family Trust and Sight Support Ryedale over the course of 4 weeks, with songwriter Kate Pearson and theThornton le Dale Ukuleles wrote a selection of songs and recorded them.

Pickering Music-5682

The song were all written by and inspired by the life experiences of the band. Talented Musician and Songwriter Kate Pearson working with the wonderful Thornton le Dale Ukuleles orchestra helped the group to learn to play and perform.  Have a look at some of their Lyrics


Sixty by Sixty –

Recording Calls

Sounds of Summer

At the end of the sessions the meeting room at the Library became a recording studio with Music Producer Ruck Jinks, photographs by Kevin Ladden.  

Pickering Music-5677 Pickering Music-5678