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Snapshot of a Photography Workshop

Rebecca Heim, a documentary photographer, has travelled far and wide. Her journey to Ingleton, began at the other side of the county, where the world fades into the seaside and beyond. She then moved deep into the bustling industrial interior, where she honed her talent. She has taken many pictures along the way, and now she is ready to share her knowledge, as she has done many times before, with the good people of Ingleton.

So far, Rebecca, has run two photography workshops at Ingleton Library. These are the only times she has visited Ingleton. Her first workshop was on a beautiful hot summer’s day, where the sun shone brightly, and the sky was light and cloudless. Her second was on an unbeautiful summer’s day where the rain came down heavy and the sky was dark and blueless. This was Gala day.

Rebecca talks techniques...

Rebecca talks techniques…


Rebecca gave us these captions and some photographs to look at. She asked if we could spot these techniques in the pictures we were looking at...

Rebecca gave us these captions and some photographs to look at. She asked if we could spot these techniques in the pictures we were looking at…


Working hard…

At the workshops Rebecca talked techniques, angles, light and colour. She lent us some cameras and sent us on a treasure hunt. We were to find and photograph as many as these things as possible:

  • A Natural Wonder
  • A Street Scene
  • A Night Out
  • A site of Historical Significance
  • A Site of Personal Significance
  • A Local Celebrity
  • A New Edition
  • Patterns and Textures
  • The Busiest Place
  • The Quietest Place
  • Local Produce

We took lots of photos. You can some of them here


Rebecca and Malcolm do some photo editing

The good news is that the second wet and traumatic visit has not put Rebecca off Ingleton. Far from it. For a start, she’d already fallen in love with the place on her first visit. And, despite the rain, she really enjoyed the Gala, especially the sheepdog demonstration – she likes dogs, does Rebecca.  And she’s hoping to meet a lot more dogs and people when she returns to Ingleton on Saturday 30th August for the first of three more workshops.

In the meantime, why don’t you have a go at taking some photographs of Ingleton? Use the list above to give you some ideas and go snap crazy around the village. You can interpret the subjects in any way you want. And you don’t need a fancy flash camera (well, you might need a flash, but I think you know what I mean) – you can just use your phone, or your tablet, or your Polaroid – whatever you have lying about.  Bring the photos and camera to the next workshop, and we’ll see where we go from there….

Let’s celebrate Ingleton!


  • Saturday 30 August                        10 am – 12 noon
  • Saturday 20 September                 10 am – 3 pm*
  • Saturday 4 October                         10 am – 3 pm*

*includes 1 hour break at 12 noon.  You can book places for either of the morning (10  am  –  12 noon) or afternoon  (1 – 3 pm) workshops or both

You know what to do – if you don’t then call Ingleton Library 0845 034 9536 or email to book your free place.